Why drive uber? And what do I need to drive uber?

Why drive uber?

Uber is one of the most flexible jobs available. You can work whenever you want simply by turning the app on or off. Of all driving jobs, according to the US Department of Labor Statistics, uber is the best paid when the number of hours devoted to the work is compared with all other driving jobs. In the united states, the average uber driver has earned just under USD $20.00 per hour since 2012. This is double the average for taxi drivers and on par with the earnings of heavy vehicle drivers in the United States. Although reliable data has not emerged for the Australian market as yet, uber drivers in Australia experience similar advantages to the job characteristics found in the US market for uber drivers.

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What do I need?

In Australia, you need an ordinary C class driver’s license to drive uber and you need to have held it for at least 1 year in most states. You will also need insurance for your vehicle. In addition to the compulsory third party insurance you will also need third party property (“TPP”) damage insurance and comprehensive insurance is usually recommended. When you drive uber with us, you can expect that we will provide comprehensive insurance for your vehicle as part of the lease fee.

Obviously, you will also need a car. Usually, we recommend finding a car that meets the basic uber x driving requirements of having 4 doors, being less than 10 years old and with good fuel efficiency. We select the cars in our lease fleet based on these criteria and leasing a car from us provides you with immediate access to uber cars which are highly suitable for this purpose. We also offer cars that meet the requirements for uber select and uber xl which are the premium and 7 seat versions of uber respectively. Some of the uber driver’s favorite models are Toyota Camry Hybrids, Toyota Corrollas, Hyundai I30, Kia Rondo and Carnival for the 7 seats capacity and Mercedes, Audi and BMW for the uber select drivers.

In some cases you will need to have your car inspected before it is approved to drive uber. Also, if you are looking at buying a car for uber, it is good idea to check with uber about the eligibility of the car for driving uber before you buy it. This avoids the situation of finding that you have invested in a car which is not eligible to participate in uber.

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